viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Incomplete : " have you ever Wondered ? "

Who are we? Maybe we are the species That We seek, aliens. Those beings That every time we look at the sky Both day and night we figured up there watching us ...

Maybe we are just passing through , we're travel travelers occupying a ship to be returned at the end a limited time , as we are just passing through .

The time great enemy of the world we know , Could stop ? Ahead ? Back in it ? Jump past acts ?

Life and death , the biggest unknowns That disturb us the essence That made ​​us . May You give life to Whom I lost? No? why? What's after the end? A different world like in another ship to the previous ? There Will Be Those we lost? Why die if born then ? Why the time we wither ? ...

Love , what is love ? What is loneliness ? what is fear ? What is pain ? Why do not all feel the same ? We need to feel loved , protected and Also a little solitude for ourselves from time to time , but fear lurks every time unexpectedly . Sleeping , loving, dreaming ... fear of losing the beloved , fear not Achieve the dream , fear of not waking up, fear of dying , fear of living in fear for the suffering it causes us mere existence Which itself is so complex , fear , fear, fear . .. words and feelings That keep us from seeing beyond everything around us .

Who are we? Why are we here ? Why feel what we feel ? We are alone ? Why we are born alone and do not remember the trip ? Why we die and we know That happens next ? ...

While the questions accumulate over time leads to the end of the road , we will discover the answers to many things During the ride , and many others ever maybe, just maybe, who knows the great response Could put so much need in the last breath of fresh air as Time Permits take to return The Ship That I have to carry .

Author / a : M Kiara .

Text translated by google translator

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